Can non built-in furnishings (such as desks, tables, and chairs) be included in the Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program (BHCIP) budget?

“BHCIP does not fund non built-in furnishings. Non-built-in furnishings are considered FFEs, which are items that are not permanently affixed to a building and are consequently easily removable from their respective locations within the building.

BHCIP funds are only intended for behavioral health infrastructures. BHCIP funds can cover real property that is permanently affixed to the building. For example, a built-in concrete bench is real property that can be funded by BHCIP. Items such as, but not limited to, refrigerators, computers, chairs, tables, and microwaves are all examples of personal property and are not funded by BHCIP. If you have any additional questions regarding allowable or non-allowable expenses, please reach out to