How will the program funding agreement (PFA), or contract, that will be issued for the BHCIP Round 4: Children and Youth grants compare to the sample Round 3 PFA on the BHCIP website?

While the bulk of this round’s PFA will echo the Round 3: Launch Ready PFA, there are two key differences:
1. Unlike the previous round, Round 4: Children and Youth does not include any federal funding. Therefore, there is no need for federal compliance requirements in the PFA, as there was in Round 3.
2. Round 4 funds are for facilities that provide treatment and service resources in settings that serve Californians ages 25 and younger, including pregnant and postpartum women and their children, and transition-age youth, along with their families. Round 3’s population was broader, since its focus was on funding projects that were deemed “launch ready.”
These differences are reflected broadly throughout the PFA, but also in the Declaration of Restrictions.”