In order to fully execute a BHCIP Program Funding Agreement (PFA), how do we proceed when the awarded project only pertains to a portion of the existing property/structure in place?

BHCIP PFAs require execution of a Declaration of Restrictions (DoR) and Performance Deed of Trust (PDoT) before a sponsor can begin to draw down awarded grant funds. The DoR and PDoT will encumber the entire property where the BHCIP project is located. The following options may be considered by sponsors in instances when the sponsor does not wish to impose certain restrictions on the property as a whole:

A) Non-county entity project sponsor options: (1) Execute the PFA and supporting documents as they are written, encumbering the entire property, and then work with DHCS/AHP to subdivide the property/obtain a lot line adjustment and amend the DoR and DoT once the subdivision/lot line adjustment is complete.

B) County entity project sponsor options: Same options as non-county sponsors with the exception that county entity BHCIP projects may utilize a legal description for the portion of the property to be funded by BHCIP in lieu of a lot line adjustment. This legal description must include a professional land survey map, conducted by a civil engineer who will provide the legal description to be recorded.

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