Pre-Application Consultations and Technical Assistance (TA)

Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP), a consulting and research firm focused on improving health and human services systems, is serving as the administrative entity for BHCIP. AHP assists state and local organizations to implement and evaluate a wide range of services focusing on mental health treatment and recovery, substance use disorder treatment and prevention, workforce development, homelessness, housing, long-term services and supports, and criminal justice.

  • As part of the RFA process, AHP will provide a pre-application consultation and individual agency/county TA.
  • In addition, AHP will offer ongoing general training and TA throughout the life of the project.
  • Applicants are required to submit a request for a pre-application consultation and complete a survey to determine their understanding of the RFA requirements.
  • These include facility siting, permit and licensing requirements, construction plans and launch readiness, oversight and management, match requirements, budgeting practices. Additionally, applicants will be required to discuss how their proposed project meets local and/or regional gaps identified through an assessment, as well as how it addresses the state’s priorities.

An AHP implementation specialist will work with applicants to support them in these areas by connecting them with subject matter experts in real estate, financing, and programmatic best practices serving the prioritized or target population to bring targeted TA to applicants and grantees.

Completing the pre-application consultation survey is the first step in beginning the consultation and TA process. 

Finished your Pre-Application Consultation and Ready to Apply?

BH Continuum Infrastructure Project

Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program Round 5 Application and Pre-Application Consultation Survey

Completing this survey is the first step in beginning the application process.