What counts as matching funds?

Match in the form of cash and in-kind contributions—such as equity amount in land and existing structures—to the real costs previously incurred by the project will be allowed. Cash is the strongest form of match. The state must approve all match sources.

Cash match may come from:

“In-kind” match may be in the form of:

  • Property ownership equity amount at the specific grant project site. Property equity is determined by a recent certified appraisal value (within 6 months of application), subtracted by the outstanding loan amount (bank loan information documents required) will equal match value of property equity.
    • The equation to calculate equity for match is: certified appraisal value – outstanding loan amount = equity value
  • Sunk costs directly related to the development project, with documentation of paid invoices for professional services related to pre-development of the specific grant application, as approved on a case-by-case basis by the state

All “in-kind” amounts must be well documented and notarized, and will be thoroughly reviewed by the state. In-kind valuations may or may not be approved by the state. Therefore, cash is the preferred form of match.

Direct state General Funds may not be used to match BHCIP or CCE funding. Services will not count as match.